Saturday, June 28, 2014

Belief by Cecilia Peyton

Ciz P. did a really great job of proving to atheists that our Lord is all powerful and truly did rise from the dead. This is a great focal point to strengthen catholic's faith in the resurrection as well! Atheists commonly think that the Resurrection of Christ was a "mistake" or a "lie". They usually have four main arguments that they try to persuade Christians into thinking are true. The first main argument of the Atheists against the Resurrection is that the Apostles stole the Body of Christ out of the tomb and claimed He was risen. This is not true because, for one, the Apostles were too scared to even come out of their upper room and there isn't any way they could have passed the guards. Secondly, if the soldiers were asleep how could they make the claim on who stole the body? Going with that, Roman Soldiers did not sleep on duty. Lastly, if the Apostles had stolen the body why did they not confess it when tortured? The second big argument against the Resurrection is that Christ faked his death and then escaped on his own, claiming to resurrect. Now this argument is fairly easy to prove wrong, you see, Romans knew how to crucify. No one survived a Roman crucifixion, the spear that pierced Christ's side was a technique for proving the victim's death. Also, if Christ had escaped he would have looked a lot different than the Apostle's description of him. The third Atheist argument is that the Apostles were hallucinating. If the Apostles were truly hallucinating, would not Christ's enemies point out the body still in the tomb? When people hallucinate they imagine things that they expect and fear, the Apostles did not expect Christ to come back from the dead. No one did, really. Christ was seen by too many people at different times for it to have been a hallucination. The fourth and most recent argument is that the Apostles knew Jesus was not risen but they made up a fairy tale of sorts, to symbolize Christ being always alive in our hearts. This is obviously not true for two reasons. One, the Apostles did not even believe in the Resurrection at first, in St. John's Gospel he states that it is an eyewitness testimony and is truth. Secondly, what would the Apostles gain by teaching Christ's Resurrection? Nothing, as they were all martyred. There is no other explanation for the Resurrection other than it was God himself who was gloriously Risen on Easter. Hope you all enjoyed this! Clare K.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

SGY Ohio Newsletter

Hello Everyone! The SGY Ohio Newsletter is coming out on the 20th! We've worked hard to get all our stories in and I think it will be a good one! The theme of the newsletter is.... Divine Providence! If you would like to receive this newsletter, and future newsletter/ updates on SGY Ohio, email us at ! We'd love to have more viewers! Love in Blessed Mother, Clare K.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hey everybody, The TCO newsletter will be out by the end of the month! Yay!:) For the month of June everone got to write about whatever they wanted to. So I have no idea what everyone is doing. If you would like to be added to the list to recive the newsletter, email us at CC and Alanna O. are making up some fun activities, Clare K. is autocorrecting, Grace D. is doing photography, We can't forget Cecilia P. who puts together the newsletter each month, and Morgan is poosibly doing dear Marys again. So send you dear Mary to Morgan at (Dear Mary is problems you are having, you send them to Morgan and she replies to you and puts it in the newsletter. But don't worry, you can leave it anonymous if you want.) Have a blessed Day! God Bless, Clare C. "CC"

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A wonderful experience!

I just got back from a "100 years of Schoenstatt" jubilee in DC! It is amazing how on fire they are even without a shrine. I enjoyed it a lot, and loved seeing they're striving to get a shrine in DC. Ohio and DC both share the same striving for a shrine that is not yet here, yet we yearn for it and try as hard as we can with prayers to get it here. From DC, my family traveled to pick up and auxiliary shrine in Staten Island, NY. That is where Sr. Marcia (our current sister for Ohio) lives with a couple other fun and joyful Schoenstatt sisters. It's different there, because the shrine is inside the house, but when you're in the shrine, it's just as beautiful and peaceful as any other shrine! It's really cool because they draw a lot of city people, who may be struggling or upset, to the blessed mother in that tiny little city home. It may be near the city that never sleeps, but it is certainly peaceful and cozy. I hope I get to see more shrines around the US in the future! It's a wonderful experience for all, but the Waukesha shrine will always be home for me. In our MTA, Clare K.

Friday, May 23, 2014

SGY Ohio

The Schoenstatt Girls of Ohio have been very busy the last couple months. On April 20, the girls got together to have a garage sale, at the Dexter's. Everyone brought stuff from home and priced it. We also had a bake sale, we sold 130 hot dogs for a dollar each. With a song CC made up "Do you want to buy a hotdog?, there only for a dollar!, BUY one now." To the tune of Do you want to build a snowman. We made $1,152 for all of the girls to go to summer camp in Wisconsin. As long as they turn in their slips! If you would like to find out more about where this camp is and about the sisters that run it go to We want to thank all of you for your generosity, and support for our garage sale. Clare C. AKA: "CC"

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Schoenstatt Shrine by Cecilia Peyton

The lovely Cecilia P. (a member of the SGY here in Ohio) wrote a quick, but nice, summary of the Schoenstatt shrine. Enjoy! -Clare K The Schoenstatt Shrine is a place of great peace, from the front to the back the calmness you feel will overwhelm you. As the doors to the Shrine open, all eyes are immediately drawn to the beautiful wooden altar adorned with the glorious MTA picture. The sense of peace is almost unbearable. To the front of the altar is a large urn, or jar, used to hold contributions to the capital of grace. Beside the altar is the magnificent St. Michael statue made of white marble. Continuing to look around the small church you see several stained glass windows, which add to the serenity and holiness of the Shrine. The pews that line the church under every window are wooden and keep your focus on God in the blessed sacrament. Behind the two rows of pews is a row of chairs, for Schoenstatt always expects many people to come! On leaving, the two heavy wooden doors will say farewell with an almost melancholy sadness, for it is a great deal harder to leave the Shrine than to enter it. Overall, the peace in the shrine is due to the fact that Christ and His Holy Mother are truly present there. -Cecilia

First blog post!

Hello all! Clare C. and I are in charge of this SGY blog of Ohio! Occasionally we will have stories and updates from other girls in the SGY here. Let us know if you have any comments or questions! We're excited to get this going (: Love in our MTA, Clare K.